The name Wikle: Pronounced Why-cul. Possibly an Americanized spelling of German Weikel, a variant of Weigel. 

James Wikle is a graphic designer.  It's not his career, but a lifetime of passion beginning as a child when was given an antique drafting table from the famous WWII Manhattan Project which his Grandfather worked as an Architectural Engineer. He taught himself perspective drawing at an early age, but chose to mostly draw plan views of fantastic futuristic crafts of all types.  He made films and painted as his main hobbies.

Design is something that chose him and not the other way around.

James went on to win an architectural design award and a scholarship for City and Regional Planning from the Irvine Company while a high school senior.  After graduating with a B.S. in Applied Art and Design from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, James went on to become an art director at a fast paced real estate advertising agency.  

2 years later, he began his freelance career and became an associate creative director for a medical ad agency in Orange, CA.  Working for clients such as Toshiba Medical and Edwards Lifesciences he developed a reputation as an innovator and project leader.

The scope of his work increased to corporate event graphics, product and promotional design, interactive, architectural, consumer, direct mail, branding, web and video production.  A brief period s creative director for his own 7 person design agency with a business partner brought him to Hewlett-Packard and Olson Events Group as a senior designer and brand manager for the HP IPG (Imaging and Printing Group) annual marketing event held at venues around the US.  James is now working alongside his wife, Susan Young as a Creative director, designer and art director.  Presently working on automotive collateral, web design and architectural installations.

When he isn't obsessing over some design project, James spends time with his obsessively designing wife, Susan and his son Alex and daughter Kylie.  

When he isn't spending time with people he is outdoors.  Way outdoors in Death Valley, Utah, Nevada  or Colorado.  Generally riding cross-country on off-road motorcycles, hiking or skiing.